Go Green, Be Pretty (Happy Earth Day)!

April is Earth Month! Mother Nature can play a huge role in our daily beauty routine. Today’s organic products are more effective & less expensive. Here’s a few of my favorite “green” must-haves and tips on how to use them (trust me they work)!
Multi-Purpose products are not only cost effective but take up less space in your makeup bag. Try Pacifica Coconut Multiples used for lips, cheeks, contouring, & highlighting. Also 100% Vegan!
Coconut oil is a major staple in my cosmetics regime. Not only for moisturizing (hair, body, & nails) but, I add raw brown sugar & use it as an exfoliate. 1 whole jar of organic coconut oil at you local market can cost as less as $7.
A long-lasting manicure no longer needs harsh chemicals. Try Jenna Hipp eco-friendly polish it’s free of toxins but doesn’t compromise the wear and comes in a variety of shades from nudes to vibrant neons.
Honey taste great but it’s also good for locking in moisture. Try Lush Cosmetics Fair Trade Honey Shampoo. It can be used on all hair types and gives you a great shine.

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