My Beauty Emergency Kit

Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Citrus, Benefit's They're Real, L'occitane Shea Butter, and Narcisco.

Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Citrus, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, L’occitane Shea Butter, & Narcisco “Her” perfume.

I’m definitely a minimalist (the opposite of a hoarder). Toting a whole bathroom cabinet in my bag is not appealing. So what makes the cut?!? Here are some of my beauty favorites for your daily adventures!

Lip gloss…



I’m going to be buried with a tube of lip gloss. Touch-ups of course but I just don’t feel finished without it. On a day off you’ll catch most celebs with a lustrous pout and sunglasses (nothing else).


Awesome lashes no need to say anymore! A great mascara can change your life. Try: Benefit’s They’re Real mascara for that “falsies” effect.

Shea Butter…

1 of the ultimate multi-purpose products. I use it as a hand cream, brow tamer, cuticle smoother,  & lip balm.

Travel fragrance…

A touch of freshness after a long day of work, right before dinner with my girls or husband.


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