Internship Essentials: My bag of tricks!


Hello everyone, it’s Malaika Denise – intern for Jami Svay! Today I have the opportunity to share some of my daily essentials with you all, including the handbag that carry everything in.

As an intern it is important to always be prepared and organize which is why I store all of my necessities in this spacious, versatile, tan, leather bag. I love how I can pair it with just about any outfit and organize each of my belongings into their own little compartment!

A crossbody, hobo handbag like this is definitely a wardrobe staple,  perfect for on-the-go!


For a typical day at the “office” (and by office I mean photo shoot, meeting, makeup gig, etc.) I carry many things, as I want to be well prepared for those just-in-case moments. Having my planner, a pen, phone + charger, wallet and USB drive is a standard when working for a blogger! I never know when I may have to take notes, schedule an appointment or come up with quick visuals for a new blog post!

The second most important things are beauty items – especially when the blogger that you work for is a makeup artist as well! I always have a compact mirror on me, an eyelash curler and mascara (for my short lashes), a moisturizing lip product + my favorite lipstick, hand lotion, breath spray, and tissues for blotting.

Lastly I believe that it is important to stay hydrated while on the clock so keeping a bottle of water handy is always a must and you never know when that mysterious stain may appear so my tide to go pen is a lifesaver!

Picture1Whether you’re a fashion intern or a fashionista, it is important to have a bag that speaks to your personality and caters to your lifestyle!

Bill Cunningham said it best: “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” and I couldn’t agree more!

Find your perfect handbag here using rulala’s handbag guide!


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