Confessions of a Lip Gloss Junkie


Working as a buyer’s assistant I don’t get paid the big bucks. Being surrounded by designers, magazine editors appeared so glamorous. Truth is I have a lot of long days, nasty clients, and sometimes living out of my suitcase. Ironically I can’t even indulge in the luxury items I seek out for my job. Barely making enough to pay the rent, I get my retail therapy from buying beauty products. It seemed so harmless at 1st, a lip gloss here, mascara there. Before I knew it I had the “drawer”. You know the one that’s filled with miscellaneous items that may have or have not worked. My friend asked “why don’t you just throw this junk away?” 1st of all it’s not junk! I might use it one day. I did think to myself “why did I buy all this stuff anyway?” Sadly I went to the mall the next day and bought more lip gloss. I reasoned that so what I’ll never be able to get a Chanel dress, I can at least get a Chanel gloss. At $40 a pop. I spent over $200! I’ve never been good at math but, I realized spending $200 a week on lip gloss is CRAZY! If I saved in a few months I would have plenty of money for that DVF dress. I’d rather have a few expensive, nice things than a bathroom full of crap. – Lisa Deman


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lip Gloss Junkie

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