MARCH: Beauty & Style Notes with Mallory McLane

MalloryWho: Mallory McLane

Age: 25

Occupation: Online Fashion Editor (

Where: Dubai, UAE

Her favorite makeup look is: Lately I’ve become a bit of a lipstick fanatic. Chanel’s rouge coco shine and rouge allure collections are my favourite go-to’s.

What trend would she like to see go away: I wouldn’t call it a trend per say, but I would love to see acrylic nails disappear altogether! Not only do they look tacky and outdated, they’re terribly harsh on your nails.

Her makeup must-haves: Foundation, mascara and a bit of blush. Having a light complexion, I’ve never felt that I could leave the house without these three, I feel naked otherwise… My daily routine starts with SPF 50 and ends with bronzer, blush and an illuminating powder. I may not love my fair skin, but I have no intention of ruining it.

Her daily must-haves

Her daily must-haves


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