BEAUTY-full, Broke, AND Fabulous!

crying-woman-with-empty-walletThis is the “Broke Girls” guide to looking fabulous! Everyone is on a budget these days. Sad to say most women put their beauty needs on the back burner. Here’s a few tips to keep you looking HOT, get the most out of your products and help you save, save, SAVE!

1. When you’re strapped for cash collect deluxe size samples from your favorite makeup counters to help tie you over till your next payday. They’re also great for traveling.

2. To save money on a manicure do the trimming, buffing, etc. yourself then go to the nail salon and ask for a “polish change” ranging from $6-$10 to get the finishing touches.

3. Invest in products with multi uses like cheek creams that can also serve as a lip stain or argan oil that’s great for your hair, face and body. Also saves on your makeup bag and counter space.

4. Sign up for reward programs at Sephora, Ulta, or wherever you like to purchase your cosmetics to get coupons, great deals, and FREE products.

5. Get pro products like Rusk, Fekkai, or Bain de Terre (even flat irons) at  reduced prices at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or cosmetic sites like my favorite


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