Don’t be a “Shining Star”

JB2N5R46Oily skin has gotten a bad rap over the years, which has led women to making the tragic mistake of completely stripping their skin of much needed oils and advancing the aging process. Keeping moisture in your skin is GOOD. You want to create a healthy balance and minimize shine throughout your day. Here’s some quick tips! Palladio-Rice-Paper Blotting-Tissues


1. Keep blotting wipes in your bag to do touch-ups.

2. Use a heavier cream at night with anti-aging serum and vitamins. Opt for a lighter moisturizer to wear during the day.

3. Give yourself a weekly face mask to keep the moisture in your skin balanced. You don’t want to be too oily or too dry.

4. Wear a face primer underneath your makeup. Primer allows your foundation to go on smooth, keep it in place, and help reduce shine.

5. If your going for a matte look set your makeup with a translucent powder to absorb all your unwanted oil.  powder






2 thoughts on “Don’t be a “Shining Star”

  1. Love your quick tips and it’s so very true about the skin to get the necessary moisture. One thing I can also recommend is concerning No. 5: a conventional baby powder does the trick too 😉

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