The “Hangover” Makeover

You’ve been partying ALL NIGHT, bringing in the “New Year” and you woke up looking like this?!? Here’s some beauty pro tips on how-to cure that “hangover” look. You might feel like s%#* but, now at least you don’t have to look like it!
1. Alcohol dries you out tremendously. Give yourself a quick 5 minute hydrating facial so your makeup goes on smooth. Try Philosophy’s Lasting Hope.
2. Wake up the system by sipping plain hot water or tea with lemon and honey. This will help flush out the liver and eliminate the feeling of bloating.
3. Use eye drops to relieve any redness then follow with a good concealer under your eye to further brighten that area. Try Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche éclat.
4. Instead of pasty powders that will draw attention to lines and wrinkles use a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer for supple looking skin. Try Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer.
5. Blush is a must. You’ll need that pop of color to wake up your makeup and take away that corpse-y look. Try Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush.
6. Avoid bright-colored or glitter eyeshadow and opt for neutral shades like soft gold or brown. Also double up on mascara. You’ll need that to open up your eyes and make you look more alert. Try the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette.

7. Finish up with a lip gloss (rose and corals are great colors for everyone). Try Chantecaille’s Brilliant Lip Gloss in Love. Chantecaille-Brilliant-lip-gloss-in-Love


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