Holiday Party Makeup

Tis the season to be merry and for some that means to party like crazy! Here are a few makeup looks that’ll get you through the night and maybe the next day. Happy Holidays!

The Shimmer Smokey Eye

1. Use a bronze shimmer liner around your eye 2. Take a brush  and diffuse the liner into your lid 3. Apply mascara 4. Add soft blush and a pink shimmer gloss

The Red Lip

1. Use a soft pink blush on the cheeks 2. Apply red lipstick (use a brush to be precise) 3. Add mascara to your lashes.

The Vintage look

1. Use a matte flesh tone shadow all over the eye 2. Apply black eyeliner in a winged shape 3. Use lots of mascara 4. Nude lipstick

*Makeup Tip*

Use Urban Decay’s Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray on your makeup when your done. It’ll help preserve your look day and night.


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