Return of the Supermodel

When I was growing up supermodels were on the magazine covers. Glamazons like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington reigned supreme. Unless you’d been living under a rock you knew their name! These were the women showing us the latest looks and appearing with music stars in videos. Till the comment “I DON’T GET OUT OF BED FOR LESS THAN 10,000 A DAY”, changed their status forever. Now the actors with the hottest movie rules the fashion world. Leaving models to be “nameless” beauties.

There’s a new generation of hotties on the path of reclaiming the throne such as Chanel Iman and Brooklyn Decker. Supermodel royalty Linda Evangelista, once famous for changing her hair color every season is now the face of Loreal along side actress Eva Longoria. Maybe there’s room for them all? What am I saying… this is the fashion business!


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