Is It Time for a Make-Under?

Before and after

Does your makeup leave you looking tired, draws attention to unwanted lines and wrinkles, covers your best features or make you look outdated? Well you might be a candidate for a make-under! Unless you’re Kim Kardashian a heavy smokey eye may do you more harm than good. The phrase “less is more” is true more now than ever. We’ve seen Hollywood unknowns transform before our eyes by toning down their look and becoming A-list stars. Next time you get too harsh lighten up with these few tips. 

1. Skip the dark eyeliner on the bottom lash line. 

2. Use a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and along your cheek bones for an instant lift. 

3. Use a bronzer that doesn’t have a lot of shimmer or comes across to orange (Benefit’s Hoola is my favorite). 

4. Know the difference between a daytime look and a nighttime look (knowing is half the battle LOL). 

5. Try a lip stain it’s more natural looking than a lipstick and less tacky than a gloss.


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