In Need of a Quickie?

No time to enjoy the full pleasures of a manicure? Especially towards the end when you have to place your hands under that little dryer. It’s like watching paint dry… LITTERALLY! Well cry no more. Sally Hansen has given us a magic stick.  The new Color Quick: Fast Dry Nail Color Pen is absolutely amazing! Comes in a variety of shades. Just click color, and go (lovely for pedicures too). Now don’t you wish everything in life could be this fast and be happy about it.


One thought on “In Need of a Quickie?

  1. The piece on the mascara!!!What an amazing coincidence, I was just in a local drug store choosing a mascara… I have to admit the tv commercials about the longest lash this, or the thicking lash that, had me thinking maybe I would have to use two different kinds to acheive the desired look.. Thanks to Beauty-Full Life I have the answer…TD

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