Our Baby… Tastee Cosmetics

Tastee Cosmetics is an all natural eco chic lip balm that’s sweeping the nation! With flavors such as Sugar Rush, Lemon Drop and Berry Baby, Tastee lip balms are a sweet treat for all to indulge.

Tastee Cosmetics is appealing to tweens and celebrities alike. Red carpet staples like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and ReeseWitherspoon have been introduced to the lip wear line and now are lost without their carpet companion, Tastee Sugar Rush.

Created by beauty mogul and artist Jami Svay, Tastee Cosmetics is quickly taking its place among the beauty industry’s top eco-friendly lip wear products. The lip balms are infused with all natural products including olive oil, hemp seed oil and rosemary extract. With an SPF15 protection, Tastee Cosmetics Lip Balms are the perfect combination of eco awareness and chic practicality.


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