JULY: Beauty & Style Notes with The Wanderlust Girls


Name:  Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin Age: 25 & 24 Occupation:  Bloggers/Stylists Location: New York City What fashion trends are you indulging in right now? We really love the all-white-everything look. Coming from two people who only wear black, that … Continue reading



Honey bee venom is the NEW hot discovery in beauty! Experts say it’s a natural alternative to Botox. The venom “tricks” the skin into thinking it’s been stung.  This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates … Continue reading

What’s New on The Block!


My good friend since high school hair stylist Michael Aaron Capps known for working on celebs such as Jane Lynch & Hillary Swank has opened his very own salon on luxurious Block Island in Rhode Island. If you’re looking for … Continue reading

Lush Cosmetics Got Sexy-Peel

Lush Cosmetics Sexy-Peel Soap

If I had to describe Lush Cosmetics in 1 word it’s FRESH! Fresh fruits, vegetables, & inventions. Using NO synthetic materials, giving you the most effective products for your money. This week we received a box of LOVE from them, … Continue reading

MAY: Beauty & Style Notes with Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson

Who: Ted Gibson Occupation: Celebrity Hair Stylist (has worked on Anne Hathaway & Angelina Jolie). Where: New York, NY What are you beauty must-haves? Fragrance, moisturizer, whitening toothpaste, and a sugar scrub for my body. What fashion trends are you … Continue reading